My love of jewelry started when I was young, with my grandfathers collection of Native American jewelry. He collected all kinds of things from pins to belts, money clips, and HUGE rings and bracelets over many years of living in the Southwest.  He would let me try them on, I always wondered how they were made, and where the stones came from. I loved the feeling those pieces of jewelry evoke, the weight of the silver, the textures in the metal that show that it has been formed by hand.  

I'm inspired by the stones I work with, by bold color and textures, and love the process of making one of a kind pieces that you can wear for a lifetime.  I'm a firm believer in the connection between a woman and her jewelry, we all feel drawn to certain pieces, they become a part of our lives, and accompany us on all of our adventures.

Sierra Keylin Jewelry is built by hand in my Pioneertown California studio, just outside the town of Joshua Tree.  After living in Hawaii for the past eight years I recently relocated to the beautiful Hi-Dez of Southern California.  On the gallery page you'll find a selection of my past work, sold primarily through my shop on Etsy. 

For the latest updates from the studio join me on Instagram @sierrakeylin

....Life's Journey Requires Proper Adornment....